Investments in the daily and long -term rental of apartments, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan from Rielthit

The company is engaged in the search for apartments without repair, furniture and finishes, which are rented much lower than the market value. These are mainly new business class buildings in good areas.
Conclude a lease from 3 to 8 years
It produces in a short time designer investor repairs - and submits to the sublease
The price increases by 4-8 times. And if we pass the daily, we get a superprofit.
When concluding the contract in this way, the owner cannot terminate it ahead of schedule! - We register it in the Rosreestr - state instance that fixes the duration of the contract up to 8 years and protects against unlawful early termination.

Supply for investment from Rielthit

The company offers:
Invest in repairs and improvement with profitability up to 8% per week, invest in the development of marketing and an advertising state with a profit of up to 25% per week, invest in the purchase of new real estate with a profit of up to 65% per month.

Investment proposals

Repair and improvement
  • The amount of investment from: 20 USD
  • Investment time: 1m
  • Profitability: from 0.8% before 0% in day
Development of marketing and advertising state
  • The amount of investment from: 5000 USD
  • Investment time: 12m
  • Profitability: from 17% before 25% in month
Purchase of new real estate
  • The amount of investment from: 100000 USD
  • Investment time: 1g 11m 25d
  • Profitability: from 30% before 65% in month
Revenue calculator

Calculate your passive income

0 $
100 $
1 months
4–7% in Week
Profit in % (floating percentage)
1 060 $