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The purpose of developing a continuous loading device type "Automatic device of low -temperature carbonization".

Organic waste causes serious environmental problems around the world, and there is a tendency to try to solve them by composting, but it is impossible to burn and melt the alleged 50 million tons of garbage. In addition, biogas and fuel conversion have environmental problems, measures for equipment and recovery expenses.

To work on rational management of organic waste, which accounts for 60 % of the total amount of waste, it is necessary to promote the processing system at the community level. In addition to informing each company about carbonization equipment, which is one of the last options, unlike composting, we will spread the usefulness of general -purpose equipment by reducing sizes, which was impossible with ordinary large machines, and maximize the fossil energy. How much this is possible to promote a system that does not need to be used. Waiglex Reuter Co., LTD is engaged in improving plastic processing machines, the demand for this equipment is growing all over the world due to everyday waste, since disposal by immersion in the ground becomes a ban at the legislative level, its processing is very popular.
We ourselves contacted Waiglex Reuter Ko., LTD. And they offered their services to attract investments in order to scaling and modernizing production.
By concluding an agreement, the company proposed such investment proposals.

Offers for investment from Vaiglex Reuter Co., LTD

The company offers:
To invest in the development of an engineering and technical department with a profit of up to 50% per month, invest in the development of logistics with a profit of up to 300% in a quarter, invest in expansion of industry, opening new directions with a profit of 270% per month.

Investment proposals

Development of the engineering technical department
  • The amount of investment from: 25000 USD
  • Investment time: 12m
  • Profitability: from 15% before 50% in month
Development of logistics
  • The amount of investment from: 100000 USD
  • Investment time: 1g 11m 25d
  • Profitability: from 100% before 300% in 3 months
Expansion of industry, opening new directions
  • The amount of investment from: 300000 USD
  • Investment time: 4g 11m 10d
  • Profitability: from 50% before 270% in month
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